FenCon XI Schedule

September 26, 2014


I’ll be attending FenCon XI in Dallas, Texas, September 26 – 28, 2014.

Here’s my schedule:

War Tech!
Friday, Sept 26, 6:00 pm – Red Oak
Panelists: J. R. Hargenrader, W. Ledbetter, S. Rosen, B. Sinor, R. White, D. Gray (m)

From Verne and Wells on to today, science fiction is full of speculations about technologies employed in warfare. How have authors past and present used plausible and implausible warmaking technologies in stories?

Why The Future Doesn’t Need Us Anymore…
Saturday, Sept 27, 11:00 am – Live Oak
Panelists: Mi. Finn, J Storrs Hall, J. R. Hargenrader, F. Summers, W. Ledbetter (m)

…was the title of an article by Bill Joy in Wired magazine that first ramped up serious discussion about our technology outpacing human understanding. Or in its more common incarnation, “the Singularity.” Is it silly? Inevitable? Can we control it? Our panelists discuss the problem and possible solutions.

Saturday, Sept 27, 12:30 pm – Gallery

Signing copies of “CLOCKWORK UNIVERSE: Steampunk vs. Aliens”

Legion of the Lost Ones: Modern Military SF
Sunday, Sept 28, 3:00 pm – Red Oak
Panelists: E. Flint, J. R. Hargenrader, K. Hutson Price (m), S. Rosen, M. Middleton

Modern Military SF is a rich and wide-ranging sub-genre of science fiction. It can and does explore themes like honor, duty, self-sacrifice, alienation, camaraderie and more. We’ll discuss our favorite Military SF stories and what makes them compelling fiction.

If you get a chance, stop by and say, “Hi!”


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